the new story of High Five x15 long-term project!

Bring your friends and rule the server, Are You Ready?
Unique game play, Comfortable for everyone!

  • Mid-Rate Leveling
  • Comfortable Farming
  • Balanced Classes
  • Huge Community


Lineage 2 Flames focuses to be the best High Five (Mid-Rate) server that you can play without wipe or any problems. Enjoy the new High Five gameplay with our community.

Wind Wild West Update Watch our new promo video made specially for you!

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    Christmas event

    We are happy to announce, that Christmas Events are starting! During Event period, gather: Fir Tree Branches, Star Ornaments, Bead Ornaments, Flower Pot, Christmas Red Sock and bring them to Santa Trainee and Santa Claus Event NPC Managers, which will be waiting for you in any major town

    Squash event

    Find “Buzz the cat” in the main towns, he will inform you that an event is running, basically while hunting mobs you have a chance to get “Nectars”, use it to buy Squash seeds or Large Squash, by using Nectars in a Squash you can grow it up. Once the Squash has grown you can hit it (use event wepons to kill it) and earn the rewards.


    This zone will be accessible for players greater than Lv. 85 on Saturday from 10am to 10pm Server Time. To enter Hellbound, players will need to use the Portals located in Ivory Tower. Get ready for the amazing PvP battles in order to hold the new Hellbound zone and slain the new Bosses and Monsters!

    Dragon Valley Reworked

    Dragon Valley farm zone will be reworked in the near future. The west side of Dragon Valley will be a really good farming place where characters will be able to find Monsters Lv. 80. The stats and the loot of the monsters will be changed, no longer having Bow Resistance.

    Fluffy Reinforcements Pets

    Pets are animals that help the character during the fight. There are 6 unique pets: Wolf, Buffalo, Tiger, Kookaburra, Dragon and Hawk; each of them having different skills and stats. Pets can level up together with the character, evolving and becoming stronger with every gained level.

    Free to Play!

    Mid-rate High Five project reworked to bring a nice game play for our community. We are waiting for you and your friends!


    We have created custom vote rune that gives bonus exp and Event Manager for vitality buff.


    We've balanced the farming areas for the community and added events to stimulate the farming.

    Castle Sieges

    Castle Sieges and Territory wars are every two weeks.


    Raid Boss are reworked

    Streaming Event

    Everyone who wants to stream contact with our team.

    Video Event

    We will give rewards for every video.
    Contact us if you would like your video to be shown.